5 Purses That You Shouldn’t Live Without

A handbag is your best friend. They are one of the most practical and hardworking pieces that you can own. Not only that, a handbag is the most personal accessory you carry on you—and in most cases, they complete the look you’re trying to achieve.

Now, there are more styles than ever before, and choices are getting harder to make. It can be overwhelming! With all the different options out there, how are we suppose to decide which one is the right one for us? Here’s a guide to the 5 different styles of purses a woman will need.

The Oversized Daytime Clutch

Givenchy Black Clutch
Source: Tumblr, Diorina

A sleek oversized daytime clutch is an elegant touch for any outfit. It is roomy enough for your must-haves and chic enough to carry while going out on a lunch date with friends. Smarten up a pair of jeans and white t-shirt with an oversized clutch, or add a bit of glamor to your LBD. The oversized daytime clutch is more practical than one would think.


The Classic Tote

Celine Tie Tote Bag
Source: Kayture


Every woman needs a tote in her collections. It’s such a classic piece! A medium to large sized top handle tote that can hold almost anything is the essential working woman’s purse. When picking out a tote, you should try to stick with neutral colors such as black or medium to dark brown. Lighter colors such as white and nude expose scuff and dirt more clearly.


The Leather Satchel

Satchel bag
Source: The Girl From Panama


Personally, I love satchels. I think they are a perfect combination of a handbag and cross-body. The classic style of a satchel gives off a preppy and cute schoolgirl charm. One of the great things about a satchel is it has a vintage and natural style that is quite practical. What’s better than a practical great looking bag?


A Pop of Color Bag

Givenchy Antigona Red
Source: Palm and Peachtree


Black is always a classic go-to color but sometimes you just need to add a little color to your outfit. Wearing black and white? Why not add a touch of yellow or red? The key to a color handbag is to not match it to what you’re wearing but to choose one that is completely opposite. It may sound like nonsense, but it works!


The A-List Purse

Chanel Le Boy


This is the bag that we see all the celebrities wear. It’s a symbol of luxury and prestige. The timeless style that is a combination of vintage and modern is a must-have for any purse enthusiast. Do you want to feel like a superstar? Then owning an iconic fashion piece like a Chanel quilted flap purse, or Hermes Birkin handbag will definitely do the trick.



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