Tempt Brands x MTV Movie & TV Awards

The MTV Movie & TV Awards have come to be known as the entertainment industry event of the year where Movie stars, musicians, and the best of the fashion world collide for an evening watched by millions worldwide.

This year saw a lot of big changes come to the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Now the award show with the Golden Popcorn trophy has expanded to honour the best of TV as well as movies. We went down to Hollywood to mingle with the stars attending the 26th annual show hosted by comedian and actor Adam DeVine.

This year MTV broke down barries by letting men, women, and gender non-conforming actors compete in each category. We saw Stranger Things own the TV category while Beauty and the Beast received the top movie awards.

Check out our behind the scene coverage of the dopest gifting lounge at the MTV Movie & TV awards. We met a ton of the top celebs who shared our love of fashion and style.

Notable stars we met:

Memorable moments of the night:

The show kicked off with a Beauty and the Beast musical number by host Adam DeVine accompanied by the multi-talented Hailee Steinfeld who mastered the on screen outfit change becoming Belle in the iconic yellow dress.

Emma Watson’s victory in the first genderless Best Actor category was a particularly moving moment, as a champion for feminism, Emma believes Belle is a positive role model for girls around the world as she refused to stick to the status-quo of a Disney princess.

Our favourite kids from the Stranger Things cast stole the show, as they have been doing all awards season, with Millie Bobby Brown (Aka Eleven) picking up the best Actor in a TV series – Eggo’s all around!

The Spice Girls would be proud of the serious Girl Power that took over the awards last night

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Vanessa Grimaldi x Tempt Brands

Untitled design (13)

As we wrap up the “most dramatic season in  Bachelor history,” (sorry, couldn’t resist!) there was definitely one bachelorette that stood out of the crowd. We fell head over heels for Vanessa Grimaldi, the natural beauty from Montreal, our hometown! As soon as we saw her undeniable connection with Nick Viall from their very first one-on-one date we knew they were meant for each other. Maybe it was her down to earth no-nonsense attitude, her infectious smile, her passion for working with the special needs community or the fact that she’s from Montreal and we’re biased – but this Italian babe definitely captivated our hearts each episode as we watched the drama unfold.

If you’re not already a dedicated player on #TeamVanessa then you should know that Ms. Grimaldi won fans over with her sweet, but opinionated personality on a show full of- um, let’s call them “characters”. She quickly became one of the most well-liked contestants in the media and stood out as role model for women who stand up for what they want in relationships. Originally from Montreal, Vanessa is a special-needs teacher to adults with various disabilities, something she says she always aspired to be. Here’s a little inside scoop, that not many people know –  it was originally one of her best friends who had submitted her application to the show! She was quite surprised getting the call back from the network to meet them.

For those of you that are true fans of the show, you all know that no matter what happened in her love quest with Nick, she always remained true to herself  and her values while also staying humble – And we just love that!

We invited Vanessa to the Tempt Brands offices to hang out with our glam squad and share some of her favourite date looks with us. Having shopped Tempt before her TV debut, it only made sense for us to get her insider style info to be able to share with you some of her favorite daytime and nighttime date looks! Check out the behind the scenes photos below.

Behind the Scenes of The Bachelor's Vanessa Grimaldi X Tempt Brands

Getting to know Vanessa and working with her on this project was such a joy! She’s an incredibly funny, quirky and grounded young woman. And what a natural beauty! Best of all, we were all impressed at how many chicken fingers and fries she can pack into that little 5 foot 3 inch body.

We couldn’t wait to get to know more about life on The Bachelor. While she didn’t give away all the details about everything that happened on the show, we got some insider knowledge about what happens behind the scenes before and after those suspenseful Rose Ceremonies.

Shop Vanessa’s Favourite Date Looks on TemptBrands

Vanessa Grimaldi Sexy Date Look from Tempt BrandsVanessa Grimaldi Flirty Date Look from Tempt BrandsVanessa Grimaldi Day to Night Date Look from Tempt BrandsVanessa Grimaldi Casual Date Look from Tempt Brands


A special shout out to our incredibly talented glam team and photographer on this shoot!

?? Melanie Kerr , @hairbymelk
? Leticia Avrith, @leticiaavrith
? Marlon Kuhnreich, @marlon.foto

Without further ado get the full scoop from Vanessa herself by watching the interview below.

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Tempt Brands x Dish Nation


If there’s one thing we love it’s keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip and entertainment news. We love to be at the pulse of the industry so that’s why we tune into Dish Nation to catch the hilarious hosts break down the latest celebrity news in their own funny way! Seriously though, we can’t watch this without cracking up.

Check out some of the segments that they were kind enough to feature us on! You can check out the full episodes on their YouTube Channel.

Each of these segments featured some of our hottest styles of the season, they make perfect gifts that’ll really ‘wow’ your loved ones.

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Tempt Brands x GBK’s Naughty or Nice Gifting Lounge


We want to extend a huge thank you to GBK for inviting us to their Naughty or Night Gifting Lounce in LA this month. We had a blast and got to share the love with some talented people in California.



We were recently in Lost Angeles at the GBK Productions Naughty Or Nice Gifting Lounge. We got a chance to meet some amazing people and show off exclusive products that we love. The sun was shining and people couldn’t keep themselves from smiling when they tried on our sunglasses!


It’s hard work traveling across North America to share Tempt Brands’ story can be very exhausting but it’s worth it when you see the happy faces that love our styles.

We got a chance to meet a few famous names including Saniyya Sidney from American Horror Story, Emily Swallow from Supernatural, and Teilor Grubbs from Hawaii 5-0.


Check out some of our shots from the event or read the article about the GBK Gifting Suite here.


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The Trends to Know for Fall 2016


When it comes to fashion, there’s no bigger season than Fall. The leaves start turning, the temperature cools down, and everyone is energized from summer. We’ve gone ahead and prepared the top trends for you this Fall, because let’s be honest it’s about  more than just wearing black head-to-toe.

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The Shopping Secret You Can Find At The Warehouse


There’s a little secret behind every ultra-stylish person. While each person has their own style story we know that there’s one reason we always have to stop our shopping sprees and that is the bank account.

So how can you look good and feel good about your spending, too?
The secret is about shopping smarter, not harder or more. Knowing what and when to buy it, as well as where to buy it makes the difference. That’s why we love online shopping so much, you can take the moment to compare across the web to make sure you find the best price.

Is online shopping the way to go when you’re a fashionista on the hunt?
Some of the best deals happen offline and even further from the store than you would imagine. It happens in the warehouse, often times outside of trendy neighbourhoods where you can get some of the best deals on the top brands.

TemptBrands is hosting it’s Luxury Warehouse Sale on September 9, 10, 11.

Discover brand names including: Pajar, Parajumpers, Ugg, Tahari, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Christian Louboutin, Herschel, Projek Raw, Tokyo Laundry, Ray Ban, Tom Ford, Lacoste, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Carrera, Givenchy, Longchamp, Chloe, Celine, Balenciaga.

RSVP today to stay updated on all the brands to be distributed for the sale.


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Could More Orgasms Be The Key To Better Skin?

Do orgasms really give you better skin?

The Skincare Tip You (And He) Will Love

Researchers are saying that having more orgasms could be linked to better skin. We’re breaking down just why this could be the sexy new way to look and feel your best.

No this is not a joke. Some researchers have begun to say that the secret to better skin is having more orgasms. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life were that easy? Imagine if we were all allergic to chocolate and just eating some made us lose weight, tone up, and get a 6-pack. Imagine if alcohol actually made us smarter instead of the opposite. Well, while those aren’t true yet let’s get into the details as to just why people are thinking that having more sex regularly (and especially orgasms) can help you get better skin.

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Rio’s Hottest: The Hot Olympic Athletes You Need To Know

Alex Righieri

The Olympics are back and before you start telling us how you didn’t miss them we’ve got something special to share with you — the athletes! While we often prefer to get pampered instead of breaking a sweat (or a few bones), there’s something we enjoy that electrifying feeling of competition between hunky men over a gold necklace.

And with that, we would like you to meet our shortlist of the hot male athletes from this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

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