Easy Homemade Bread Recipe


Have you always dreamed of making your own bread? This easy homemade pumpkin seeds and raisins bread recipe is perfect for the timers like you! This bread is ideal for breakfast or for an afternoon snack when paired peanut butter and/or jam. You will love the sweetness of the raisins and the crunchiness of the pumpkin seeds!

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Classy, Edgy and Casual, all while wearing white jeans!

Casual outfit with white jeans and sneakers

Ladies, the time has arrived to take out those white jeans from hibernation! The options for white jeans are endless, especially since you can buy them ripped, long and cropped size. However, depending on what you match them with they can take a completely different look. Here are my favorites and hopefully, they help you look fabulous for the summer!

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5 Purses That You Shouldn’t Live Without

A handbag is your best friend. They are one of the most practical and hardworking pieces that you can own. Not only that, a handbag is the most personal accessory you carry on you—and in most cases, they complete the look you’re trying to achieve.

Now, there are more styles than ever before, and choices are getting harder to make. It can be overwhelming! With all the different options out there, how are we suppose to decide which one is the right one for us? Here’s a guide to the 5 different styles of purses a woman will need.

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Detox Rainbow Salad Recipe

Detox Rainbow Salad Recipe

Spring has finally arrived! The cold winter season has ended and we are eagerly awaiting the summer time with its warm rays of sun. This season is also perfect to begin changing our eating habits and introducing those delicious vegetables. Give your body a boost with this delicious Detox Rainbow Salad recipe that takes 15 minutes to prepare; we suggest you introduce grains and seeds for some added protein! Don’t let yourself be carried away with dressings, keep it simple with lemon, vinegar, or mustard dressing, avoid from using any oils.

Bon Appétit!

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Men’s Must Have Pieces

Walk in closet for men

This blog post addresses both the ladies and the gentlemen, although this topic will focus on his closet. Some men enjoy choosing all of their clothing from multicolored socks to cufflinks despite this; it is typically a leading lady who is behind the stylish man walking down the street. For those adventurous men who want to create a new closet for the spring or for the ladies who have run out of ideas, this article will discuss men’s must-have pieces for their closet!

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5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her based on her personality traits.

February is here and love is in the air! For some of you this will be your first Valentine’s Day together and the pressure has begun. While others, have become professionals at the art of last minute gift shopping or buy the typical boxes of chocolate and red roses. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her we have selected for the beginners and the connoisseurs based on the personality of your leading lady.

1.The Timeless Classic Girl: Audrey Hepburn

If your special person likes to keep things classy and timeless, then pearls are your best bet.

Audrey Hepburn's style for Valentine's day

Our suggestions: Bella Pearls, Seven Row Pearl NecklaceBella Pearls, Double Sided Gold Earings

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