Classy, Edgy and Casual, all while wearing white jeans!

Casual outfit with white jeans and sneakers

Ladies, the time has arrived to take out those white jeans from hibernation! The options for white jeans are endless, especially since you can buy them ripped, long and cropped size. However, depending on what you match them with they can take a completely different look. Here are my favorites and hopefully, they help you look fabulous for the summer!


Ripped white jeans

Ripped jeans exude a more casual look; they can be boyfriend or skinny, which are the most popular styles. I wouldn’t recommend wearing torn jeans to the office because the image isn’t professional but they are my favorite for the weekend.

Living on the Edge

Bring out your t-shirts with bands and slogans; give it a rock and roll twist! You could wear a great pair of wedges, sneakers or booties. Remember, you are going for edgy and that can mean fun colored leather jacket or something that will really stand out.

Keep It Classy

If you would like to make the outfit a little more classic, a nice lose fitting button shirt is always great and you can wear nice high heels. If you choose a vibrant color of heels then you get the best of both worlds and have a bit of edgy without straying away from your classic personality.

Classic White Jeans

The classic white jeans can be worn to work, it’s a white canvas and they are what you make of them.

Office Appropriate

Let’s begin with the how to dress up white jeans for the office, you can wear a solid colored blazer and a nice shirt underneath it can be a t-shirt, a blouse or a button shirt with some heels or ballerinas and off you go! If you are more adventurous try a vibrant blazer color, or shoes with a fun pattern that catches the eye.

Weekend/ Casual Jeans

The weekend is a great time to pull out your white shorts, skirts or jeans; they can be ripped or classic. You can wear a plaid shirt, t-shirt or button shirt without having to worry of the social context, unless of course a specific attire has been suggested.


Here are a few guidelines to remember in order to keep things age appropriate, shorts should cover both front and back, I am aware booty shorts are in style but it does not look good when a women’s derrière is visible due to a lack of material. Furthermore, a good trick to knowing if a skirt is too short is to let your arm down against your side and the end of the skirt should be where your middle finger touches your thigh.

Hopefully, these few tricks will get you ready for the spring/summer time!


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