The Hottest Spring 2016 Home Decor Trends

2016 is an amazing year for home decor lovers! From adding joyful colors to a room to creating beautiful woven wall art, the spring 2016 home decor trends are so tempting!

1. Geometric Patterns for Tiles

Amongst the many decorations trends being suggested for this spring, the geometric patterns for tiles is my favourite! I mean, aren’t these geometrical patterns beautiful? They’re a very elegant way to add a touch of authenticity to a modern room. Which colors should you pick? Classic colors like blue, white, and black are en vogue. But you can also choose a vivid yellow to celebrate the spring season!

2. Yellow Buttercup Color

This smart color will fix your winter blues! There are so many ways to add it into your home. You can reupholster an old armchair, shop for a modern rug, or even dare to paint the doors of your living room!

3. Artisan Accent Pieces

Awaken the raw spirit of your house by adding real or artisan-inspired décor to it. Material and patterns are what makes a piece beautiful. African patterns are very trendy. So what exactly should you be opting for? Hanging baskets on the wall, plant pot baskets, and Moroccan embroidered pillows.

4. Woven Wall Decor

Last but not least, this home decor trend is awesome! Yarn wall hanging installations are just everywhere on Tumblr, Pineterst, and Instagram! The technique, called macrame, is not so hard to learn. Why don’t you make it your next DIY project? It personally became my new obsession. The best part is that you can really customize your design by choosing different patterns, colors, and materials.

What’s your favourite Spring 2016 home decor trend? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to pin your favorite one on Pinterest!

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