Men’s fashion: how to dress for summer.

Barbecue party

Gentlemen, summer has finally arrived and your wardrobe should get a fresh look for 3 occasions that I would like to address: Gym, Date, and Barbecue (GDB). This article will guide you in your search for how to dress this summer.


How to dress for the gym this summer?

Gym attire has come a long way over the years; it has become stylish without sacrificing quality or comfort. Some believe that if you feel and look good it will reflect in many aspects of your life including your training. You will not be preoccupied with the opinions of others, but on the form of your exercises and the goal you are looking to achieve. Now, that we have established the psychological part of looking good, here are 2 items I suggest having in your wardrobe.


Calvin Klein Joggers for Men Summer


  1. Find a nice pair of gym pants, that if you have to run an errand after your workout you will still make the ladies do a double turn because look trendy and handsome.
  2. Gym shirts can be a little more expensive because of the material, but I highly recommend it! Unlike cotton it will not absorb odors and are made to dry quickly, this means you will not be leaving the gym with sweat marks on your back.



How to dress for a date this summer?

First date or perhaps date night with your significant other. There is no rule saying men cannot wear white, khaki or colored jeans, summer is the perfect occasion.

Khakis are great if the occasion is a little more classic. It’s very country club if you add a polo shirt. If color makes you uncomfortable then remember to stick with a nice pair of dark or medium color denim without holes! Add a nice button shirt and you ready, please tuck your shirt in, it completely changes the look of the outfit.


Classic date outfit for men for the summer


How to dress for a barbecue this summer?

Barbecues are socials events, where you enjoy a beer and a burger while catching up with friends. Men, you will need these essential items: sunglasses and a sweater.

Barbecue outfit for men

As for clothing, ripped jeans and plain and logo t-shirts are the norm. These are guidelines, to which you can add your own personal touch with your accessories (bracelet, watch, and hat) or your favorite shoes with that crazy design. Barbecues normally continue once the sun has set, and I recommend bringing a sweater, jeans jacket, or cardigan for when the temperature drops.


Simply remember G.D.B. next time you leave the door!

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