Keep Falling for the Wrong Guy? The Real Reason You Can’t Move on in Love


This Valentine’s Day we’re excited to announce a unique collaboration with the talented Nan O’Brien! As an internationally known relationship expert, published author, and motivational speaker, Nan helps many people work through tough relationship issues. We’re excited to have her as a guest blogger on #TEMPTRAGEOUS! 

We’re also announcing an exciting CONTEST on our Facebook Page. Entering is easy and we’re giving away the opportunity for 3 people to share a one-hour session with Nan to discuss whatever they like in complete confidentiality.

Without further ado, we welcome Nan O’Brien to #TEMPTRAGEOUS.

Does this sound familiar? You go through a horrible break-up, and ultimately realize you’ve dodged a bullet. You are determined that next time it’s going to be different! Then, you meet a guy with a killer smile, and something you can’t quite explain “clicks.” You can’t resist, quickly jumping in again. Why?

Oftentimes the answer is rooted in a past life connection with the person. If you have been with someone in a prior lifetime and the relationship has unresolved issues, your souls will seek one another out again to give both of you an “opportunity” to work through the problem this time around. The problem is, sometimes the issue repeats itself instead of being resolved, and because the familiarity of being together in a previous lifetime is such a powerful soul connection, it is very hard to end the relationship this time around.

What can you do? First, ask yourself: Do you feel unable to end things, even when you know you should? Do you feel defensive about the relationship with family and friends, even though you know they are right to want you to end things? Is the relationship “need” based, i.e., where your primary focus is helping him to reach his full potential, without your needs being met or even addressed? If so, you are probably in an unresolved past-life relationship.

Can you break a past life soul contract? Yes! Being aware of the pattern is a powerful tool that shifts your energy. Refuse to be with someone who does not treat you with honesty and respect. Importantly, remember that what is behind you does not dictate what is in front of you. You are not bound by past life commitments! You must create space in your life for a healthy relationship before one can come in. By choosing to be the healthiest you can be with self, you will attract a healthier person into your life in a relationship.

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About the author:

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Nan O’Brien is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, motivational speaker, and published author. As an Intuitive Counselor and Medium, she has helped people worldwide who are struggling with life hardships and/or the loss of a loved one find comfort, peace, understanding, and healing. An important aspect of her work is to promote tolerance and understanding for all faiths and belief systems that are rooted in love and respect. 

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