Men’s Must Have Pieces

Walk in closet for men

This blog post addresses both the ladies and the gentlemen, although this topic will focus on his closet. Some men enjoy choosing all of their clothing from multicolored socks to cufflinks despite this; it is typically a leading lady who is behind the stylish man walking down the street. For those adventurous men who want to create a new closet for the spring or for the ladies who have run out of ideas, this article will discuss men’s must-have pieces for their closet!


1. The Building Bloc

I’m going to take a bit of time with this first item because I believe it is important: jeans. We all own a pair and some of us know exactly what cut and fit are suitable while others could use some guidance. A nice pair of dark jeans can take you from daytime to evening in a blink of an eye. Change the shoes, belt, and shirt and you’re ready for Happy Hour.

How do you choose which type of jean? Boot cut, straight, skinny, flared… My personal favorite on men is a nice straight and slim-straight jean. It looks great with both running and evening shoes; it elongates the legs and gives the derrière a nice shape. As mentioned before, a dark pair of jeans is great for any occasion. Go for a uniform color that isn’t faded and a pair that doesn’t have holes in the knees.

2. Crisp in White

This is the next item on my must-have list, gentlemen you should always own a nice white button shirt. It goes well with a blazer or cardigan and looks elegant even when worn alone. Depending on your frame you can go with slim fit or the classic cut (which has been around for ages and never goes out of style). I’d also recommend having a nice polo for the summer, it’s lighter and more casual for a barbecue or walk downtown.

3. The Piece de Resistance

Many of you might use these three terms interchangeably. However, the suit, blazer, and sports jacket are all different.

  • The suit jacket normally comes with a matching pair of trousers (in the exact same fabric) and is considered the most formal. An important point to mention is that this jacket should not be worn alone because the colors won’t match and it will be washed more often than the trousers. Furthermore, the formal nature of this jacket is devoid of fancy pockets and extra detail.
  • The blazer jacket is the mid-point; it has a looser fit than the suit and does not come with matching pants. The blazer is more formal than the sports jacket and can be matched with corduroy, chinos, or a nice pair of dark jeans.
  • Lastly, there is the sports jacket, which is usually loose enough to allow a sweater to be worn underneath. The sports jacket is meant to look more rugged and is made of sturdier fabrics such as tweed.

Because summer is approaching, I recommend a blazer in a lighter color such as beige, light blue, or even a nice mustard hue. Do not be afraid of color, summer is the time to be adventurous with your wardrobe choices!


I’d like to end with this important point because sometimes men are very similar to women. Do not fixate on the size of your clothes. Instead, focus on the way you look in them. There is nothing elegant about having a muffin top because you think the jeans will “stretch out” or buying items with the hope that you will lose those last 5 lbs. Wear something comfortable that suits your body because in the end no one can read your jean size from the outside.

Happy spring shopping!

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