Online dating: what to wear to score more

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Online dating apps have taken over and the number of possibilities and options has exponentially grown. Now whether you are into quantity or quality, the fact remains that you can pick and choose in a much quicker and rather casual way. Regardless of what you are looking for, you get to decide what the first impression will be and who you want people to think you are. That being said, you can be the girl next door, the intellectual, or the tempting seductress. If your goal is to maximise matches, then chances are the sluttier you present yourself, the more matches you will get. Now we don’t promise quality here, but quantity will surely follow if you let it all hangout!

Whichever online dating app you decide to go with, maybe one, two or even three (more power to you), your profile pictures will be an important factor of the connections you make. The initial spark will not be based on a moment or interaction but rather what your pictures evoke.

If you want to get him hard through a picture alone, then don’t choose to wear a turtleneck. The type of picture, more specifically the clothing and one’s style, are revealing indicators of a person’s personality. Want a millionaire? Make those tits hang out and who knows…he may swipe right.


Make his blood rise- The Show-Off

Basics and neutrals are great, however, they do not particularly leave an impression. Go for something that will pop (and I am not talking about his eyes here) and ensure you stand out from the many other faces he comes across while swiping. A bright colored outfit accompanied by a scenic or simple backdrop as your profile will surely set you apart from the crowd. A bikini picture in a bright color is sure to attract some attention as well…just saying. Alternatively, a revealing dress is sure to get his blood boiling down there and leave him with a serious case of blue balls.


Get sweaty between the sheets- The active wear girl

Including a picture of you doing some kind of activity whether indoor or outdoor, conveys the idea that you are an active and fun person. However, note that it is a fine line and including one too many pictures of you working out or on a hike can be a turnoff. Instead, have one picture of you in some tight work-out clothes. Just make sure there aren’t 10 other people in the shot, especially if one is hotter than you and avoid gym mirror selfies. A nice pair of leggings with a crop top showcasing those killer abs are sure to please. Alternatively, a back side shot of your bubble butt may also do the trick if you’re into squatting. Even better than, you can wear those Calvin Klein sports bras and matching shorts in a steamy bedroom selfie taken by one of your friends, angling the camera to that great ass of yours.


Show off those assets- The Fashionista

Some may include pictures of themselves in formal wear to show off their put together look. While we all may love guys in a tux and want to get in his pants, a wedding dress doesn’t necessarily evoke the same message. A casual outfit on the other hand, shows you are a laid back person with a fun side and a good fashion sense. The vibe you give off is essential for a right swipe given that the whole thing is based looks.

If you are wearing a skirt, go for something with a nice slit or try and be edgy. Show off those legs so that hopefully they can be wrapped around his neck later on that night. Show us your assets, wherever those are located. Kim Kardashian became famous for a reason…and it ain’t cause she’s so brilliant folks!


Now remember, these tips will not necessarily increase your number of matches, but will certainly set you apart from the crowd. If you are that someone’s cup of tea, or whether you prefer to be their addiction, then you won’t get lost and disappear during a marathon of left swipes.

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