Could More Orgasms Be The Key To Better Skin?

Do orgasms really give you better skin?

The Skincare Tip You (And He) Will Love

Researchers are saying that having more orgasms could be linked to better skin. We’re breaking down just why this could be the sexy new way to look and feel your best.

No this is not a joke. Some researchers have begun to say that the secret to better skin is having more orgasms. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life were that easy? Imagine if we were all allergic to chocolate and just eating some made us lose weight, tone up, and get a 6-pack. Imagine if alcohol actually made us smarter instead of the opposite. Well, while those aren’t true yet let’s get into the details as to just why people are thinking that having more sex regularly (and especially orgasms) can help you get better skin.

Cardio Just Got Better

You’re getting some exercise whether you like it or not when you shag. And the good news it that helps contribute to more vibrant skin and plumper lips due to the increased blood flow. This is because your heart is pumping more blood and oxygen throughout your body.


Let’s make some more ‘oxytocin’. Doesn’t ring a bell? Meet the love hormone that’s responsible for decreasing your stress levels as well as your cortisol levels. And when that cortisol goes down in your body you reduce inflammation in skin, meaning that pimples; rashes; eczema become less noticeable.

Zzz’s comes after XXX

Ever wonder why he just passes out after it’s all done? Turns out it’s a normal reaction to prolactin, a hormone that’s released after sex known to put us to sleep after we climax. This is good for you because our skin regenerates best when we’re in a deep and restful sleep. Dermatologists also say that the melatonin released in deep sleep helps fight off sun damage and sagginess. We love that.


Now that you know all this, get that special someone and make that mattress creak!

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