Rio’s Hottest: The Hot Olympic Athletes You Need To Know

Alex Righieri

The Olympics are back and before you start telling us how you didn’t miss them we’ve got something special to share with you — the athletes! While we often prefer to get pampered instead of breaking a sweat (or a few bones), there’s something we enjoy that electrifying feeling of competition between hunky men over a gold necklace.

And with that, we would like you to meet our shortlist of the hot male athletes from this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.

#10. Alex Ranghieri (Soccer)

hot olympic athlete

Fresh off the rush of the Eurocup 2016 we have definitely noticed a thing or two about those fit soccer players running up and down that field. Meet Alex Ranghieri the Italian Stallion who’s known for his sense of humour, body and … his ball handling skills. Pleasure to meet you, signore.

#9. Timo Horn (Soccer)

hot olympic athlete

Tattooed goalie for Germany, Timo Horn has that bad boy edge to go along with a baby face. A combination we find irresistible!
#8. Grigor Dimitrove (Tennis)

hot olympic athlete
This Bulgarian tennis star’s name may be a mouthful, but we’re crushing on his cute pout and dark features.


#7.Ning Zetao (Swimmer)

hot olympic athlete

This Chinese swimmer is blowing up at 23 years old. He began swimming as a deal with his parents to confront his fear of water, but now he’s contending up against greats like Michael Phelps. We love this athlete’s story and we certainly think he looks good doing it!


#6. Dannel Leyva (Gymnastics)

hot olympic athlete

Dannell Leyva is a Cuban-American athlete who holds the 2011 world champtionship in the parallel bars in gymnastics. While he has a great body and a nice smile, we can’t help but wonder what this over achieving gymnast gets up to with all of that flexibility.



#5. Marcelo Chierighini (Swimming)

hot olympic athlete

This 25 year old Brazilian is a merman in the water and has hometown advantage this year in Rio and is racing for Gold. At 6’4” there’s a lot to look at here, and we don’t mind if he’s a little wet!




Darryl Homer (Fencing)

hot olympic athlete

While many of you may be surprised that this is still a sport, Fencing requires a great deal of agility and flexibility as well as hand-eye coordination. Though we can never tell with the mask on, Daryl Homer is the cute knight that could save you in a saber battle.

#3. David Boudia (Diving)

hot olympic athlete
Texas born David Boudia is a champion diver and while you’re probably thinking we are gonna mention that speedo body, we think there’s something even more sexy about a guy who so fearlessly falls off a platform.


#2. Nathan Adrian (Swimming)

hot olympic athlete

This four time Olympic Gold medalist is teammates with the famous Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. At 6-foot 6 this champion is not to be messed with.

#1. Ryan Lochte (Swimmer)

hot olympic athlete
For our number one, it might be no surprise to some of you that it is 11 time Olympic medalist, Ryan Lochte. He’s currently dating playmate, but this all American guy still has our hearts.

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