The Trends to Know for Fall 2016


When it comes to fashion, there’s no bigger season than Fall. The leaves start turning, the temperature cools down, and everyone is energized from summer. We’ve gone ahead and prepared the top trends for you this Fall, because let’s be honest it’s about  more than just wearing black head-to-toe.


Chokers have been around all year, but carry this trend through Fall by opting for a velvet or lace style to finish off your outfit.

Tempt Brands Fall 2016 Fashion TrendsRuffles

Get some volume and shape in your look with ruffled sleeves or pant legs that will dance as you move.

Tempt Brands Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Statement Furs & Shearling

Fur is here, even if you don’t wear real fur. Fall is the time to wear your most fabulous statement furs or shearlings as you layer your look with key accessories and shoes to finish it off.



Tired of black? This neutral will have you looking sophisticated and laid back.

Tempt Brands Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Gold Metallics

This trend is back with brassy gold tones tones that will add some sparkle to the grey Autumn days.

54ab3c3e9ee0e_-_elle-01-august-fashion-liquid-assets-0913-xln-xlnTurtlenecks + Dresses

This trend is a 90s throwback that we are crushing on right now! Covered up all the way to your chin. Cozy, yet cute with a flirty dress layered over.

Tempt Brands Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

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